Veera V7 Sleeper[PRIVATE]

Veer V7 Sleeper Mod

Mod by  Team ETS 2 India


*  Bus mod with traffic

*  First Every mod with Reflectors

*  Sleeper interior




18 thoughts on “Veera V7 Sleeper[PRIVATE]

    1. its my website,my mod,everything mine,why i can not post??
      Have u ever asked same question to other paid mod sharing websites also??

      1. Poo myre ninde konacha veera njgal eni free ayit erakikolam nee erakunathelam paid alle njagal fre ayi erakum ni ak kurach kadi kooduthala myre poo

        1. poda pulle,allelum aar eraknn mod,only for private use,ninne polathe polayadimakkalk ondakki kodkkan alla njan ivade iriknne. myre.poi ninde pani nokada

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