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Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle V2.0 Free Release

Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle V2.0 Free Release

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Volvo B9R I-Shift Multiaxle Bus Mod
Bangladeshi BUS Mod


Real exterior and interior
Real Suspension
Real Sound
Real DashBoard
10 Skin and Sticker Slot
Supports 1.31-1.38 game versions ( for 1.31-35 download base and def file & for 1.36-38 download only base file )
Right-Hand driving
update Changelog 2.0:

Soft/ Suspension Added
2. Interior LAG Reduced
4. 7 Different curtains Added
5. Real Engine Added ( Fast PICKUP )
6. Sound Improved
7. Pink Hanif Skin Added ( Brinta Biswas )
8. Indian Skin Added ( Brinta Biswas )
9. Cabin Stability Improved
10. Ride height Adjusted (fewer Bumps )

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