This Mod is Copyrighted Work of our’s. This mod is not allowed for Re-edit in any form

This Mod Contains :

*Sun Coach, Hari Coach, Vega Coach, Capella Coach and Gemini Coach 

*Air Horns for 1.31 to 1.39, Tamil horns for 1.31 to 36 and Truck horns for 1.37 to 1.39

*4k Skins Resolution

*Mod Tested on Euro Truck Simulator 2 Versions: 1.30 to 1.30)

*Don’t Make Paid Addons mods for this Mod!. Free mods are always appreciated. This is a wonderful platform for gaming don’t spoil this in the name of money. Be thankful for what you have.

*So Paid Addons is Strictly Prohibited for this Mod.

© BIJU MON & JKY5 PLAYERS All Rights Reserved !



*According to youtube’s updated new creater rules dated November 2020. Copyrighted work may be in any form will taken down by youtube and have the ownership rights to allow copyright strike which leads to channel termination. 

*This mod is registered under copyrighted law of youtube as on 06 February 2021. So re-editing is prohibited for this mod.


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