VOLVO SEMISLEEPER PACK [Pack of Facelift and PX 9400 series volvo semisleepers]

  • VOLVO FACELIFT    (11r 14.5mtr, 11r 13.8mtr, 9r 13.7mtr, 8r 12mtr)   [3 multiaxle,1 Biaxle]

  • Volvo PX (11r 14.5mtr,  9r 13.7mtr, 7r 12mtr)[2Multiaxle,1Biaxle]

  • Animated doors
  • 2 Dashboards  [bs3,bs4]

  • 2 gearbox [manual,I-shift]

  • Many original skins provided in pack for each variant

  • Realistic interior [Both Px and Facelift have there own interior]

  • Fully Detailed Model made according to real bus

  • 30 Musical Horns

  • This pack is gettng updated from 2021 september till no,and will be further updated with time and versions