Volvo 9600 Series by IBS Gaming (Team ETS 2 India)

Introducing Volvo 9600 Series  (IBS GAMING)


*9600 Semisleeper 12mtr,13.5mtr,15mtr with highly detailed interior

*9600s Sleeper 13.5 & 15mtr with VECV Interior  (15mtr also has jakhar interior addon)

*Manual and Automatic Interior according to Real Bus

Highly Detailed skinpack ( Future  Skins Free  [terms  & conditions])

*Animated doors

*cabin accessories

*30 air horns

*Realistic lighting


*3d Model with 95% accuracy to real 

*Many Customisations

*Game Version 1.40-1.48+  with Future Updates (T&S)



One thought on “Volvo 9600 Series by IBS Gaming (Team ETS 2 India)

  1. That is by other Creator and not detailed at all All My mods are photorealistic and buyers get updates with each version U better know facts before saying something here

    And I have seen others editing my mod and earning money and even selling my free mod
    why should I rub my ass and release free so others can generate income with that

    Sit yourself for days and make photorealistic 3d model and convert for ets2
    then u will know struggle lol

    grow up

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